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Women's History


Equal Under the Law: Married Women's Property Acts in the United Kingdom

Beginning in the late 19th century with the passing of several Married Women's Property Acts in the United Kingdom, women finally began moving towards equality, and paved the way for women's suffrage after the turn of the century....(more)

When Did Marital Rape Become a Crime?

Throughout history, women have had to fight for their basic rights to be recognized, including ownership of their own bodies. It wasn't until the 1970s that laws started changing to make marital rape illegal....(more)

The Comstock Laws of 1873

The anti-obscenity movement worked to enact Comstock laws which banned the distribution of contraceptive information and materials. Because of activists like Margaret Sanger and their willingness to challenge the Comstock laws, sex education information and birth control are freely available today....(more)

Women's Rights in Ancient Egypt

Ancient Egypt is remarkable among other ancient societies for all the legal rights women had that were unheard of in other cultures until the modern era....(more)


Jackie Kennedy Quotes

Jackie Kennedy is remembered as a fashion icon and for her grace, elegance, and her contributions to the arts and preserving historic architecture. Today she remains a highly respected icon of American history and culture....(more)

8 Greatest Quotes About Love By Famous Women

Everyone knows what love is, but not everyone can explain it. These famous women, however, from Eleanor Roosevelt and abolitionist Lydia Maria Child, to Oprah Winfrey and Madonna, have a way with words. Share and be inspired by their words on what love means to them....(more)

Witty Quotes By Dorothy Parker

Known to her friends as Dot or Dottie, Dorothy Parker was a writer, critic, satirist, and civil rights activist who was famous for her sharp wit....(more)

Notable Women

Four Famous Catholic Women Saints

The lives of these women saints, officially named by the Catholic Church as examples of holiness and virtue, have inspired Catholic women for generations....(more)

Famous Sisters in History

These famous sisters in history learned from and drew strength from each other. Though not all their relationships lasted, they made a lasting impact on each other's lives....(more)

The Life of Helen Keller: 4 Surprising Facts

Though the name of Helen Keller is famous, the story of her life beyond learning that first hand sign for "water" is obscure. Not many people today know of these accomplishments of her adult life from her educational honors and autobiographies to her popular vaudeville acts....(more)

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